Setford, Steve,

SCIENCE SQUAD Explains / Authors Steve Setford and Trent Kirkpatrick ; Consultant Professor Robert Winston. Robert Winston Science Squad explains : key science concepts made simple and fun - 80 pages : colour illustrations, colour photographs ; 29 cm. - SuperSimple .

Includes index.

All aboard the STEAM train! The Science Squad is here to
explain amazing facts about science, technology,
engineering, art, and maths. Have you ever wondered what
makes electricity? Or what's inside an atom? Or how high
the Moon really is? Or what light is made of and why you
need it? Well now you can find out in a colourful, fact-
packed and informative book that explains more than 100
key STEAM concepts in a really clear way that will appeal
to kids aged 5 and above. Science is all around us, but
often it is presented in a way that is difficult for
children to comprehend - this fact-packed book is the
perfect visual introduction to the key concepts that
children need to know about all things STEAM. Each topic
is explained using illustrated characters that represent
science, technology, engineering, art, and maths. The five
chapters in this book will be familiar to kids as they are
places that they will have been to, such as school, the
park, and the home. This is the second book in the Science
Squad series, and is an essential read for young STEAM

Ages 5+.

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Science--Juvenile literature.
Technology--Juvenile literature.
Engineering--Juvenile literature.
Arts--Juvenile literature.
Mathematics--Juvenile literature.